Free Download ICカードリーダー ~Suica 残高チェッカー~  APK

Free Download ICカードリーダー ~Suica 残高チェッカー~ APK

Description of ICカードリーダー ~Suica 残高チェッカー~

ICカードリーダー ~Suica 残高チェッカー~ is a Maps & Navigation App for android. Download the last version of ICカードリーダー ~Suica 残高チェッカー~ for Android Smarrtphone/Tablets from APKphone for FREE directly from google play to your computer. Then, You can install ICカードリーダー ~Suica 残高チェッカー~ in your gadgets with minimum spec Android  Android 2.3.4+ .

This ICカードリーダー ~Suica 残高チェッカー~ updated on the . Virus and malware FREE, NoAds, and Faster APK downloads. Best of all, it’s free.

対応カード:Suica / PASMO / TOICA / Kitaca / manaca / ICOCA / SUGOCA など
その他カード:nanaco / 楽天Edy / WAON









(※Android 4.0~4.1 :「設定」-「無線とネットワーク その他」-「NFC」からON/OFF
 ※Android 4.2~7.1 :「設定」-「無線とネットワーク その他」-「NFC/おサイフケータイ設定」-「Reader/Writer,P2P」からON/OFF
 ※Android 8.0 :「設定」-「機器接続」-「NFC/おサイフケータイ設定」-「Reader/Writer,P2P」からON/OFF)


・Android 4.0 ~ 8.0

・2017/4/12 ~ NTTドコモ様が運営している「dマーケットアプリ&レビューサイト」に掲載されました
・2017/5/4 ~ 角川アスキー総合研究所様が運営しているWEBサイト「週刊アスキー」に掲載されました
You can balance confirmation of the transportation system IC card.
Use history can also display the most recent 20!
Correspondence card: Suica / PASMO / TOICA / Kitaca / manaca / ICOCA / SUGOCA etc.
Other card: nanaco / Rakuten Edy / WAON

※ In the case of nanaco can be displayed recent 5 only.
※ In the case of Rakuten Edy can be displayed recently of 6 only.
※ In the case of WAON can be displayed recent 3 only.
※ JR, station information of private railway, you can display the bus stop information of the bus.
※ tram, such as storm power because the IC card of the specification to be recorded as a bus, will be the bus format display.

Not only ride history, charge, vending machine, Suica reader that also supports automatic ticket vending machine!
nanaco leader not only the transportation system, Edy leader, can also be used as WAON leader!

Recommended because you are wearing a household account book!
Recommended to you too that you are gonna in the future household account book!
Moving expenses of the company, also in transportation expenses confirmation Recommended!

You can view items such as the following.
And use amount of money
• Periodic outside the scope of the ride history (date, route-station)
Charge history (station)
– vending machines, use history in such as cash register terminal (time)
And use classification
※ nanaco, Rakuten Edy, you can not display some of the information in WAON

■ built-in function
· CSV report output / Save
Spreadsheet application, can be displayed by the Office application
In addition, it is also possible to attach such as e-mail
Output items and output order, further character code or newline code, can be customized to delimiter
And functions Tell a friend
The app to be able to search in one shot, and then send the address to the GooglePlay.
It is also possible to read and display the QR code
And history storage function
Once yelling reading history stored in the internal terminal, at any time can read the past history information
And history filter function (narrowing function)
Can be displayed on the condition date and payment / charge from once yelling reading history, you can also output only the relevant data to CSV report
· Model change at the time of the history backup / restore functions
  Changing the terminal in such model change, it is possible to take over the history
Notification / contact function of the non-corresponding station / bus stop information
Because in ⇒⇒⇒ developers one person can not be sure of the whole country of station / bus stop, thank you for your cooperation of everyone ((+ _ +))

■ authority and intended use required are as follows:
Internet access
→ used in the ad display
→ used in the IC card reading
· Terminal vibration
→ used in the operation at the time of IC card reading
Storage read and write
→ used in the CSV report output

■ future development plans function
– Monthly graph display screen of

■ About ads
• This app will continue to provide all of the functions as a free app forever. But because of the cost / motivation maintenance of development, we have to display the ad frame.
– in-app billing and some features not also possible to charge for.
So that the app can continue to develop we will give me an understanding of everyone.

(※ Android 4.0 ~ 4.1: “Settings” – “Wireless and network Other” – ON from the “NFC” / OFF
※ Android 4.2 ~ 7.1: “Settings” – “Wireless and network Other” – “NFC / Osaifu Setting” – “Reader / Writer, P2P” from the ON / OFF
※ Android 8.0: “Settings” – “device connection” – “NFC / Osaifu Setting” – “Reader / Writer, P2P” ON / OFF from)
· To start the application
Holding the card to the FeliCa reading portion of-the back of the smartphone
Final balance and usage history is displayed

[About updating]
– to update the app in 1 to 2 weeks. This update frequency is high, but it reflects the notified unregistered Station information. It will be mainly of weekend update. Please give me the app update all means in order to take advantage of the latest data.

[Corresponding terminal]
· Android 4.0 ~ 8.0
· NFC (Felica) compatible models

[Review posted information]
· 2017/4/12 ~ NTT DoCoMo has been published in “d Market app & review site” that operate
– 2017/5/4 – Kadokawa ASCII Research Institute recommendation has been posted on the WEB site “Weekly ASCII”, which operates
v3.1.0 (2018/05/05)
v3.0.9 (2018/04/29)
v3.0.8 (2018/04/21)
v3.0.7 (2018/04/14)
・JR西日本 – おおさか東線の駅情報を追加
v3.0.6 (2018/04/08)

App Information of ICカードリーダー ~Suica 残高チェッカー~

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